Balance is something every organization needs in order to be successful, whether that organization is a private tree care company, professional sports team or manufacturing corporation. A strong offense is useless without a strong defense. Quality products are weak unless they have strong sales and marketing to support them. Staff of any organization will not perform at high levels if not supported by a high-level of leadership.

Here at KTS, we started a program a several years ago to help us stay balanced in every aspect of our organization which includes the products we sell and the services we provide. We cannot forget the internal services and products we provide each other such as clerical support from the Office staff or service calls from our fleet maintenance staff. Often times, there is an interdepartmental coordination required where staff may be supervised by multiple managers. This usually happens in the spring when the Plant Health Care department is busy with time dependent applications. If one of the applicators is off work, they may reach out to the Tree Production department staff to help fill the void. The Mulch department and Tree Production staff also work together to accomplish the goals of each department. This is ongoing throughout the year to maintain the workload balance.


Todd Kramer

Training & Performance Manager
ISA Certified Arborist IL-1189AT, CTSP #039