The first ever regional TCIA meeting was hosted by Kramer Tree Specialists last Thursday, January 24th.  Peggy Drescher, the TCIA Regional Outreach Coordinator, led the meeting and invited Tim Ayers, Kramer Tree Specialists Safety Director, and Eric Peterson, Arborisk Insurance Certified Advisor, to present on recent changes in the ANSI Z133 Standard, address on-the-job injuries and how they can be handled by your business to minimize financial impact.

Tim’s speech highlighted some of the major changes to the ANSI Z133 standard, which is a booklet published by the American National Standards Institute, created to safely and efficiently perform arboriculture work. Changes that have occurred to the ANSI Z133 include improved employee training prior to tool and equipment use, employer responsibility to hazard identification, and the standardization of terminology in the booklet.

Eric Peterson with Arborisk Insurance and the 2013 President elect of the Wisconsin Arborist Association, spoke to the group about identifying ways that on the job injuries can impact companies financially and how to manage those injuries to minimize financial impact.  Eric stressed the importance of being prepared prior to an injury occurring. This is one of the best methods for minimizing impact when an injury does occur. That preparation is done in a multitude of ways, including but not limited to, building a safety culture, developing injury reporting procedures, and establishing a relationship with an Occupational Health Clinic in your area.

After Tim and Eric’s presentations, the group discussed different ideas for promoting the TCIA and the benefits of its affiliation to tree companies.  Accreditation was also discussed and how to educate consumers on its importance.

If you would like to learn more about the topics discussed, please click on the links below to access Tim and Eric’s presentations in their entirety:

Tim Ayers – Kramer Tree Specialists – The New “Z” – Changes to the ANSI Z133 Standard 2012

Eric Peterson – ArboRiskCan An Injury Cripple My Business?

More of these meetings will occur in the future, on a routine basis, as determined by those attending the meetings.  If you would like more information on these meetings, or would like to host one at your facility, please contact Peggy Drescher at or 630.917.8733