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Benefits of Mulch

Mulching can reduce stress by providing trees with a stable root environment which retains more moisture and remains cooler than the surrounding soil.

Benefits of Mulch:

Mulch Benefits

- Retains Soil Moisture
- Reduces Weeds & Controls Grass
- Protects Trunk from Lawn Maintenance Equipment
- Improves Soil Structure by Slowly Decomposing
- Moderates Soil Temperature
- Reduces Diseases by Protecting the Above Ground Plant
  Parts from Splashing Water that Carry Soil-Borne Inoculum
- Reduces Winter Injury by Minimizing Temperature Variation,
  Reducing Water Loss in Plants, and Decreasing Heaving of
  Plant Crowns and Roots

How to Install Dyed Mulch

Mulching Technique:

To be most effective, mulch should be placed two to three inches deep and extend as far as possible from the base of the tree (at least two feet for young trees), keeping at least four inches from trunk. When possible mulch should extend two to three times the branch spread (dripline) of the tree. The thickness of the mulch layer is important. Do not over mulch! Mulching five to six inches thick may inhibit gas exchange between soil and air.