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Kramer Tree Specialists made a commitment many years ago to recycle our wood products from our tree 
operations. Our motivation for investing in the recycling equipment, tractors, etc. was to be a part of the 
solution regarding the landfill crises. We felt that by producing mulch products that were aesthetically 
pleasing and at an affordable cost, what better way to continue the cycle of keeping trees healthy and to 
encourage people to properly apply mulch for the benefit of their trees and plants.

Over the years, many questions regarding mulch products, the production of mulch and the proper application of mulch have arisen. The three most common are:

Does your mulch have bugs and/or diseases?

The answer is no.

Our brush/chips are processed through wood grinding recyclers. Few insects could survive that process; 
furthermore insects need a host, which has been destroyed. In reference to diseased trees, once the brush/chips have been processed through the recycling equipment (some products 2-3 times), the mulch is stored in piles. Due to the pressure and decomposition process the temperatures can reach up to 180 degrees. Therefore, no insect or disease could survive or be transmitted with that level of heat and pressure.

We encourage you to purchase your mulch products from local natural resources, but be aware of the "free" brush chips that pose a threat to trees and plants, as they have not gone through the decomposition process. However, brush chips are excellent for paths.

What is growing in my landscape mulch?

See article to the right or click the link to download an informative PDF brochure — What is Growing in My Landscape Mulch?

How deep should I apply the mulch to my trees?

The proper depth would be 2" to 3". Most importantly is to keep the mulch away from the trunk of the tree– do not apply mulch up against the trunk of the tree – leave at least 6" to 8" away from the trunk of the tree. Be 
cautious to not "volcano" mulch your tree, this can be detrimental to the tree.

Mulch against the trunk of the tree for extended periods of time can lead to potential girdling issues or risk of trunk decay. In mature trees, this could lead to the decline of the vascular system, ultimately reducing the trees ability to effectively translocate water and nutrients throughout the tree.


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