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Pest / Disease Controls

The elimination of all plant pests / diseases is not practical given the numerous environmental challenges trees and shrubs face in the urban landscapes we create. At best, controlling insect or disease outbreaks can be accomplished once the problem(s) have been properly identified and a program of actions are undertaken.


Many plant diseases are caused by fungi that are fairly specific to a narrow group of plants. Disease damage signs can appear as spotting of leaves, a coating or film over the foliage or branch dieback.

IPM programs target specific plants with properly identified challenges. In most cases involving foliar disease, a series of foliage protectant applications applied in the spring through early summer is recommended.

Retaining the leaves on the trees through the growing season allows the plants to reach their full growth potential. Repeated tree canopy defoliation due to foliar disease damage encourages rapid tree decline.

Common Diseases that May Occur in the Chicagoland area


Plant damaging insects have fairly predictable damage cycles that are fairly specific to tree species and time frames. Populations of these damaging pests will vary in severity each year depending on factors influencing their development. Feeding insect damage can vary widely in appearance from holes in the leaves, edges being notched, feeding between veins to entire leaves being removed. The type of damage is used as one of the identifying characteristics to determine the species. In many cases the insect will not appear during the daylight hours to feed or it may hide in the adjacent foliage making identification a challenge.

Proper identification of the insect species, life cycle stage and damage are necessary to determine the appropriate control options. In many cases the identified pest doesn't produce a significant amount of damage and control measures are unnecessary.

Determination of treatment would be completed by one of our Certified Arborists. Treatment methods recommended are always aimed at supporting best practices for overall tree health.

Common insect pests that May Occur in the Chicagoland area

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