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Plant Heath Care utilizes a multi-step approach to optimize tree growth and development while choosing the most effective pest control management strategies.

  • KNOWING THE PLANTS: Identification and mapping of trees on site.
  • DETERMINATION OF PLANT CONDITIONS: Assess current and potential pest problems. Determine causes of pest 
  • PROMOTE PLANT HEALTH: Integrated plant care items that promote the healthy overall growth and development of trees and shrubs incorporating:

    - Proper species selection
    - Use of resistant plant varieties
    Proper watering practices
    - Proper planting and mulching techniques
    - Recommend proper horticultural practices
  • DEVELOP CONTROL STRATEGIES: Consider the specific problem to be treated, consider the variety of recommended treatments and integrate the methods chosen into a comprehensive plan. Control measures can include one or more of the following:

    - Modification of horticultural practices 
    - Biological controls 
    - Maintenance of naturally occurring beneficial insects 
    - Chemical controls utilizing low environmental impact materials 
    - Tree pruning or removal
Plant Health Care

Ideally the process would begin during the landscape plant selection stage before any tree is placed. However most conditions encountered involve responding to an established landscape that is experiencing challenges.

The assessment would be performed by our Certified Arborists who are trained in the appropriate steps required to gain the best results.


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