Planting / Transplanting

Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc. has the specialized equipment and experience to transplant trees up to 8" in diameter. Trees installed with a tree spade have a high success transplant rate. A greater portion of the root system stays intact, thus reducing the stress level of the tree and reducing the amount of time needed for the tree to become re-established.

The Need To Transplant a Tree:

Plant Transplanting

- Tree Has Overgrown Original Location
- To Accommodate New Structures/Additions
- To Move A Tree From One Site to Another
- To Save A Tree From Construction/Roadway Expansion
- To Move To A Location Better Suited
- To Change The Aesthetic Appearance of A Landscape
- To Plant A New Tree Too Large To Handle Being 
Balled & Burlaped

Site Considerations For 44" Tree Spade

- Needs at least 6' around the tree with no obstructions (deck, sidewalks, buildings, etc.)
- Will move deciduous trees up to 4" diameter and evergreens up to 12' tall. 
- 44" spade is mounted on a trailer and pulled by a truck. Accessibility for this machine must be considered.

Site Considerations For 90" Tree Spade

- Needs at least 8' around tree with no obstructions.
- Will move deciduous trees up to 8" diameter and evergreens up to 25' tall.
- 90" spade is built on a straight six-wheel truck. Accessibility is needed when maneuvering this large piece of 

New Tree Plantings:

Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc. works with local growers and is able to select, deliver and plant any species up to 6" in diameter you desire. We can select the right tree for the right location. Planting may be done with one of our tree spades, depending on the size of tree you choose to purchase and the location where it will be planted on your property.

Please call our office to receive more information on the tree spading or new tree planting services we provide.

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