Pruning (Trimming)

Kramer Tree Specialists, Inc. has knowledgeable and experienced Certified Arborists on staff to inspect and evaluate your trees, address your concerns, and suggest the proper pruning (trimming) technique that is 
applicable to your individual tree care needs.

Reasons To Prune A Tree:

- To Maintain or Improve Vitality of Tree
- To Eliminate Hazardous Limbs
- To Generate New Growth 
- To Improve the Appearance of the Tree
- To Remove Dead, Dying, or Broken Branches

Are Your Trees in Need of Pruning (Trimming)?

- Are there broken branches, stubs, splits, or cracks?
- Is there existing deadwood creating wounds and decay?
- Is your tree infringing on yours or your neighbors home or landscape?
- Does your tree have an unkempt appearance?
- To Clean Out Diseased Branches

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your tree's health and the safety of persons or property may be at risk. Take a walk in your yard — your trees may just be in need of a good pruning (trimming)! Call our office to receive a proposal!

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