KTS Safety Mission

At Kramer Tree Specialists, we are committed to balancing the Performance Triangle during all our activities. Our triangle consists of three axis; Safety, Quality & Productivity. Each one must be carefully balanced with the other in order for us to be successful. If any aspect is neglected, deficient or missing, we cannot succeed in our mission. The foundation of the triangle is Safety, and always takes precedence during our evaluation & prior to working. No job is so important that we would want it to proceed unsafely.

National Safety Council

KTS has noticed a significant value in partnerships. With our constant focus on performance improvement, we recently joined the National Safety Council [NSC]. Some benefits noticed include their focus on reducing the use of cell phones and smart phones when driving. As a result of this partnership, we created & implemented our own cell phone usage policy. Traffic protection is another issue important to KTS. This spring we are becoming qualified to certify our own employees in DOT traffic protection via membership in the National Safety Council. This is another effort to keep our workforce and the public safe. We believe being a member of NSC will provide us with many new learning opportunities.


Staff Professionals

As a member of the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA), Kramer Tree Specialists (KTS) has taken the opportunity to continually improve and strengthen our safety practices through TCIA's Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP) certification program. This program provides our staff with tools to enhance and maintain our commitment to safety.

Because safety regulations and industry standards are continually evolving, we feel ongoing education is vital in maintaining the KTS safety approach. In order to become certified as a CTSP, participants are required to first gain knowledge through a course study guide. The guide is followed by individual completion of a lengthy workbook submitted to TCIA for review. Upon review & approval, participants are invited to a 2-day workshop, followed by a rigorous exam. Passing the exam certifies the student for a 3 year period. In order to maintain certification, CTSP's are required to participate in regular & continued education.

Our goal at Kramer Tree Specialists is to ensure safe and professional arboricultural practices on our client's properties.

Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


We want our employees to work safely. KTS feels working safely begins with the basics. KTS requires basic PPE be worn by our employees. Basic PPE on the ground consists of: hard hat, safety glasses, high visibility clothing & safety-toe boots. We may encounter scenarios on a job site that require additional safety gear such as chainsaw chaps, hearing protection, face shields, etc. KTS wants our employees to protect themselves by reducing their exposure to risk.

Job Brief

Job Brief

There are many factors involved to perform our work safely and professionally. KTS employees start every job with a crew briefing. Our Foreman will first review the job task(s) to be completed, often times reviewing this with the client if requested. The foreman will then review all of the work to be completed with the crew, developing a plan to complete the job safely and efficiently. Once the safe work plan is developed, it is captured on our KTS Job Brief form. Each employee signs the form. This action signifies that they understand the plan. The form is kept available for a re-brief in the event conditions change.

Click here to download our job brief form

Defensive Driving

With our many KTS vehicles on the road every day, we are committed to maintaining a safe, courteous & accident-free fleet. In 2011 we started utilizing the Smith System to aid in our on-going training of our employees in defensive driver techniques. We have an in-house certified trainer on staff. Our goal is for all our drivers and staff to become Smith System certified. As of April 2012, nearly half of our team has gained this valuable certification. We are well on the road to achieving our goal. To learn more, check out the Smith System web-site.


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