Dormant Season Tree Care Services

You may have received a proposal from your KTS Certified Arborist, giving you the option of performing the proposed work during the winter months when trees are dormant. Dormancy refers to the time after the leaves have fallen in Autumn and before the new leaves emerge in the Spring. Dormant season services afford you the advantage of discounted costs.

Discounted dormant season services available are:

  • Pruning (Trimming) Note: We recommend pruning Oak and American Elm trees only in the dormant season, unless an emergency situation arises due to the risk of Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm disease.
  • Removals
  • Installation of Cable Bracing systems and through-rods

The most frequently asked question when recommending Dormant Season pruning (trimming) is, "How can you tell if a limb is dead when there are no leaves on the tree?"

Answer: All trees form their buds for the following growing season in the summer months. These buds stay relatively green in the dormant season and dead buds will be dark brown to black in color in the winter months. Further live buds will be swollen from continuing development. Dead buds will have arrested in development and will appear smaller/stunted in size. To a trained, seasoned arborist, the difference is apparent.

"Why is the discount offered only during the winter months?"

Answer: Like you, our staff and the company all have financial obligations that need to be met year-round; therefore we need to work year-round. Most people do not think of tree care in the winter, therefore the discount is our way of reminding everyone it is a great time to prune, install cable bracing/through-rods or remove trees.

Another reason for the discount is that our climbers do not have to contend with heavy limbs and leaves during the winter. The climbers are able to move through the tree much faster, no matter what service we are providing, which means less time in the tree. In addition, clean-up time is reduced, due to the lack of tree leaves to rake and haul away. This means reduced job costs which we believe should be passed on to the client.

In addition to the above services, the dormant season is an excellent time to have the structural aspect of trees inspected. Our Certified Arborists can identify and prepare recommendations for tree splits, cracks and heartwood decay.

Call us today to discuss KTS Dormant Season Services. Your trees will reap the benefits as well as your budget.

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