Joe Kramer, President, ISA Certified Arborist
Paul Filary, Director of Operations, ISA Certified Arborist


Jeff Kramer, ISA Certified Arborist
Alan Seal, ISA Certified Arborist
Tim Rickerson, ISA Certified Arborist
Seth Balvanz, Sales and Marketing Manager, ISA Certified Arborist
Frank Saupp, ISA Certified Arborist
Anne Dalrymple, ISA Board Certified Master Arborist/TRAQ
Tyler Malwitz, Sales Associate
Matt Ogean, ISA Certified Arborist/TRAQ

Safety and Quality Control

James Clancy, Safety & Quality Control Specialist

Field Operations

Todd Kramer, Training & Performance Manager, ISA Certified Arborist/CTSP
Taylor Johnson, Production Scheduling Coordinator

Plant Health Care (PHC)

Ben Deutsch, PHC Manager/ ISA Certified Arborist
Caryl Schrader, PHC Assistant/ ISA Certified Arborist
Renee Sternberg, PHC Clerical Assistant
Carolyn Smerz, PHC Assistant


Tim Peters, Mulch/Yard Manager

Fleet Maintenance/Management

Roger Scott, Fleet Manager


Bunny Peters, Administrative Manager
Erik Gosselink, Administrative Assistant
Betsy Meyers, Office Manager, ISA Certified Arborist
Natalie Popek, Office Clerical Assistant
Debbie Kmiec, Office Clerical Assistant
Miguel Tapia, IT Coordinator

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